Hellenic Presidential Guard to visit Camden after Anzac Day

The important military bond between Australia and Greece will be on show in Camden next weekend.

Members of the revered Hellenic Presidential Guard, also called evzones, will stop by Camden Bicentennial Equestrian park on Saturday, April 28 to take part in an historic wreath-laying ceremony at the war memorial.

They will be joined by the Consul-General of Greece, Christos Karras.

The visit was arranged by the Macarthur Greeks association and is a first for the area.

The presidential guard rarely visits areas outside capital cities.

Macarthur Greeks representative John Tsekas said the event was a great coup for Camden.

“Anyone wishing to see the guard would ordinarily have to visit Athens, where they are a living landmark of the city,” he said.

“They stand still in front of the presidential residence and the Unknown Soldier monument, and hourly demonstrate their trademark synchronised gait, while changing guard,” he said.

“We would like to invite everyone in the community for what should be a great photo opportunity at Camden.”

The visiting guard will be made up of nine evzones and three officers. Each evzone must be taller than 187 centimetres (six foot one) and be in ‘excellent physical state’.

The guard will visit Adelaide and Sydney to take part in official Anzac Day ceremonies before visiting Camden.

Their trip will highlight the history of Anzacs in Greece.

The Battle of Crete was a significant expedition for Allied forces – including Aussie Diggers – in 1941, where many soldiers were killed or taken as prisoners of war.

Mr Tsekas said he was proud to shine a light on the camaraderie between Australian and Greek forces.

“The Anzacs of Greece are labelled the forgotten Anzacs and they deserve recognition,” he said.

“We want to create a little bit of awareness about that as well.

“This unique relationship between Anzacs and Greeks shows the highest form of humanity.”

Mr Tsekas said the Hellenic Presidential Guard’s wreath-laying ceremony would begin at 4pm on Saturday, April 28 and the public was more than welcome to attend. Details: 0451 022 567