Water safety program introduced at Community Kids Leumeah

Children at Community Kids Leumeah will be taught the basics of water safety to prevent future tragedies.

A new program presented by JUMP! Swim School and Smiles 4 Aria will help children understand how to ensure their safety around pools and the ocean.

Centre manager Carly Giannetti said she was determined to prepare the children about the dangers of water.

“The number of preventable drownings around Christmas and summertime each year is alarming for any parent and calls for action to prepare our children,” she said.

“We have invited JUMP Swim School and Smiles 4 Aria to our centre to teach the children in a fun and educational way on how easy it is to follow simple rules around water at all times.

“We strongly recommend that all schools, parents and members of the community teach our young children the importance of staying safe around the pool.”

To find out more information about JUMP! Swim Schools visit the website www.jumpswimschools.com.au