Greens MP Mehreen Faruqi, says job losses at the National Parks and Wildlife Service will have mean fewer rangers and closed tracks at Dhawarwal National Park.
Greens MP Mehreen Faruqi, says job losses at the National Parks and Wildlife Service will have mean fewer rangers and closed tracks at Dhawarwal National Park.

Outdated slogan

The Camden Show has stood by its slogan of "Still A Country Show" for many years now and, up to recent times, with much credibility. 

However, with local government and councils allowing a plethora of unnecessary and unwarranted development proposals to be passed isn't it time for the organisers of the Camden Show to venture in to the real world and amend the slogan?

With new houses and estates taking over an ever increasing amount of valuable and important green and agricultural land in Macarthur, I would suggest a change to the catchphrase;   remove the word 'Still' and replace with 'Definitely Not.'

Richard Parker, Camden Park

Rangers at risk

Since 1967, the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has looked after our National Parks, their precious wildlife, worked for the conservation of native and threatened species, educated generations of school children and played host to countless camping holidays and bushwalks.

Their ability to perform these essential public services is now under threat from a restructure by the NSW Liberal/National Government, which will result in a series of cuts and job cuts and loss of expertise. 

We love our national parks.

They receive more than 40 million visits in New South Wales each year,  and an overwhelming 94 per cent of visitors describe themselves as as satisfied or very satisfied with their experience.

Parks like Kangara-Boyd National Park and Dharawal National Park are an important part of the community, environment and public space.

If the NPWS restructure goes ahead, the NSW community will soon notice the consequences of the Government’s reckless approach to parks management.

Fewer rangers, closed tracks, less maintenance of visitor facilities and encroaching invasive species will become the unfortunate norm.

There will be a knock on effect on local jobs, tourism and the local economy. 

I urge readers to contact the NSW Government and ask them to stop their war on National Parks and treat rangers and all staff with the respect they deserve.

Dr Mehreen Faruqi, Greens NSW MP and Environment Spokesperson

Roadkill horror

Today I went to Penrith from Narellan along the Northern Road, to me I would call it the road of horrors.

Between the beginning of the road at Narellan to the defence force base  at Orangeville I counted five dead kangaroos, three dead cats and a dead dog.

Is this what Australia is all about? Are we  going to show international tourists our native animals with nowhere to go laying dead by the side of the road?

 Why doesn't the roads Minister take a and do something about it?

Also, I don't like snakes but because of new housing development where I live at Catherine Field they are on the move and looking for new habitat.

I live in fear of me or my animals being bitten by one. I’ve had two brown snake ‘visitors’ so far.  Has anyone given thought to where they go?

Joan Peever, Catherine Field

Generosity appreciated

On behalf of Petbarn Campbelltown I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Macarthur community for supporting The Petbarn Foundation’s annual Tree of Hope Appeal.

Generous Macarthur locals raised $10,241 to help animals in need. Nationwide, the appeal raised $878,000. All funds will go directly to helping local animal rescue groups continue their work.

Thanks again Macarthur, our aim to help thousands of animals would not would not have been possible without your support.

Martin Nicholas, CEO Greencross Group