Snake sightings in Macarthur rise due to extreme weather

Black snake spotted in Narellan Town Centre. Picture: Facebook

Black snake spotted in Narellan Town Centre. Picture: Facebook

In the past two weeks the Australian Snake Catchers have rescued more than 20 snakes from backyards across Macarthur.

Snake catcher Sean Cade said the Christmas and New Year period had been busier than previous years.

“It has been really dry so as soon as there is a bit of water they come out because their prey is more active,” he said.

“Snakes don’t have the ability to regulate their temperature so when it gets above 34 degrees they seek out shade and water sources to stay cool.

“Once it’s above 38 degrees they could die.”

Mr Cade said he was not surprised to see pictures of a black snake in Narellan Town Centre on social media last week.

“We have been called out to Narellan Town Centre a few times in the past,” he said.

“The time before last a lady found a black snake in the car park and called us in but before we could get there a member of the public thought he could catch the snake.

“The snake ended up crawling up underneath someone’s car and I couldn’t find it without dismantling the car – so I just had to tell the guy who owned it some tips for knowing when the snake was gone.”

Mr Cade said he had been to suburbs across Macarthur and Wollondilly, but there was one that stood out as a snake capital.

“There have been heaps of snakes in Harrington Park,” he said.

“They are digging up the Northern Road and working in Harrington Grove so reptiles are being disturbed.

“With the heat they are looking for somewhere cool to go and they are heading to the older section of Harrington Park.”

The Australian Snake Catchers team have also visited Mount Annan, Tahmoor, Narellan, Picton, Minto, Leumeah, Ellis Lane, Cawdor, Kentlyn, Smeaton Grange and Mount Hunter in the past month alone.

Sean Cade with an Eastern Brown snake. Picture: Supplied

Sean Cade with an Eastern Brown snake. Picture: Supplied

Mr Cade said the most common catches were Eastern Brown and Red-bellied Black snakes.

“In Kentlyn we get the occasional Diamond Python and Deathadder,” he said.

“Deathadders are rarer because they don’t hunt for their food they usually sit and wait for prey to come past.”

Mr Cade said he was glad people called professionals to deal with snake sightings.

“I think people are more aware now of how important they are to the eco-system – they aren’t just bashing them over the head with a shovel,” he said.

“If you see a snake keep kids and pets away from it.

“Try to keep an eye on it if you can and call a professional to catch it.”

Details: or 0410 761 575.