Plans to establish a ‘Jacaranda Lane’ | Photos

One councillor wants to see one section of Campbelltown transformed into a sea of purple.

At next Tuesday night’s council meeting, Cr Rey Manoto (Labor) will ask his fellow councillors to help him take the first steps towards creating a Jacaranda Lane.

Cr Manoto’s proposal would see at least 45 of the trees planted “contiguously and prominently” along the same street to form a “lane” of purple. He believed it would be a big boost for local tourism.

“For Campbelltown to become some kind of destination for tourists, we should have something like a Jacaranda Lane,” he said.

“People would say ‘if you want to see Jacaranda Lane go to Campbelltown’.

“Plus nearby residents would be able to look at it and be amazed by the trees.”

Cr Manoto said he would prefer to see the lane established in a new development so existing residents would not be impacted.

He said he could only think of one existing area where the row of trees might be appropriate, but he was happy to be guided by the opinions of the council staff.

“Raby Road could be good but I’m not sure how it would work,” he said.

“I’d prefer a newly developed area like somewhere around Menangle Park. A development where there are wider paths.

“But I’ll leave it to council staff to identify the best area.

“This is not a proposal that we need to get done now – we need to plan for it.

“But as a councillor you have to forward think about how to put Campbelltown on the map.”

Campbelltonians only needed to travel 40 minutes north east for an example of “beautiful” a cluster of Jacarandas, Cr Manoto said.

“In Rockdale there are a series of Jacaranda trees and they are really nice to look at,” he said.

“They are side by side and when they’re in full bloom they are beautiful.”