Kerser’s career continues to rise

Gutter rap king: Kerser's new album, Engraved in the Game, has had a great response from his fans.
Gutter rap king: Kerser's new album, Engraved in the Game, has had a great response from his fans.

He’s crude, non-conformist and unashamedly politically incorrect.

Campbelltown-bred rapper Kerser has just released his latest album, Engraved in the Game, and has assured fans his signature style is just as strong as ever.

The former St Andrews, Ingleburn and Ruse resident is proud of his seventh album in seven years – especially because it included a personal announcement.

“I announced on one track that my partner and I had a baby girl, Diamond, this year,” he said.

“We’ve had lots of nice comments about that.

“Diamond will either love it or be really embarrassed about it when she grows up.”

Kerser said the response to the album had been great since its release on Friday and he was pleased his fans were helping it rocket up the charts.

His success has all come without radio play.

“I’ve never been interested in being on the radio,” he said. “And I don’t care much for political correctness.

“If I write something down, I’m sure I’ve written it for a reason, so I’m not going to change it just for the sake of being politically correct.”

Kerser said this album was a mixture of looking at his life now and reminiscing about his teenage years in Campbelltown and at Robert Townson High School.

He said he couldn’t imagine writing songs that didn’t draw from his life.

He also can’t picture creating music without his right-hand men – brother Rates and ‘hype man’ Jay UF.

Both artists are signed with Kerser’s label ABK Records and feature on Engraved in the Game.

Kerser said his last few years had been full-on, from writing his music, recording each album and touring each album.

“This tour will kick off around Australia in February,” he said. “Then back to recording. I’m still going for 10 albums in 10 years. I might sit back and put my feet up after that. I’ll work with some up-and-coming artists.”

Kerser said he would love the opportunity to play at a venue like Campbelltown Stadium.

“That would be unreal, to play a home gig like that.”

Engraved in the Game is available online and in stores now.