Harrington Park teen a social media mogul

At 13 years old Declan Mortimer founded his own company, at 15 he has almost 50 million Instagram followers and there is no telling where he will be at 18.

The Harrington Park local started an Instagram account when he was nine years old in an attempt to get more followers than his sister.

While most teenagers spend hours scrolling their social media accounts for pleasure, Declan is busy posting content that makes him money.

Three months ago he left Magdalene Catholic High School to run his digital marketing company Slam Social full time. The company promotes creators’ content on social media accounts.

Declan said Slam Social was worth seven figures and he takes home upwards of $200,000 annually.

His most successful Instagram account is Comedy Slam which has almost 10 million followers.

“The first year I got 10,000 followers, the year after there were 100,000 and then a year later one million followers,” he said.

“Some of my clients include Disney Maker Studios, Fashion Nova and Fitt.

“It is cheaper and more effective to advertise on social media accounts instead of traditional advertising on television.”

There are more than 50 accounts under the Slam Social company.

Declan said he posted funny videos that companies produced on Comedy Slam.

“I started the accounts because I was competitive but it quickly became more than a hobby,” he said.

“I never imagined I would make money from it.

“It was clear to me that companies wanted to advertise on social media and the idea for the agency made it professional.”

Declan said his follower base grew as he reposted funny content, which got exposure for him and the creator. He now works with a network to cross promote content.

“As it grew, creators would pay for the exposure,” he said.

Declan posts up to 80 times a day and works from 10pm to 9am to capture the American audience.

He does not have employees but he works with a network of people who run similar accounts to his and they share clients and resources.

“It takes a lot of time to run all the accounts which is one reason I left school,” Declan said. “I wanted to run the business properly and it was getting too hard to manage and regulate each account.”

Declan is completing school through TAFE.

“Going to TAFE allows me to better manage my time,” he said.

“Since leaving school, my accounts have grown 50 per cent faster than when I was at school.”

Declan said he wanted to save his money and “not be silly with it”.

“I plan to invest in cryptocurrency and real estate,” he said.

“Next year I am planning to go to Los Angeles to meet my clients.”

Declan said his parents were “very supportive” and kept him motivated.

He said his friends were also supportive but he liked to keep his business and personal life separate so he could “enjoy being a kid”.

The young internet mogul said his age did make his clients skeptical at first but as his reputation grew, the industry accepted his age.

He said he could see himself being in the media marketing industry for the rest of his career.