Enough planning, let’s build the M9

This map shows where part of the M9 would be located.
This map shows where part of the M9 would be located.

Less talk more digging.

That’s the sentiment from Campbelltown MP Greg Warren and mayor George Brticevic.

It has been reported the state government will allocate almost another $2.1 million towards studies into the M9 Orbital, four years after they spent $4.6 million on the same thing.

The road would be built to the west of the M7, connecting the Illawarra to Box Hill via Campbelltown and Camden.

It would also provide another access point to the Hume Highway for residents in Campbelltown’s south who want to avoid the congested Narellan Road.

The concept of the major road has the backing of Campbelltown’s political leaders.

Though they want to see more action and less talk.

“It is something that would be very welcome,” Mr Warren said.

“But I’m tired of announcements with no delivery.

“I accept you have to do planning, but that’s the problem, the government has put planning money aside but there is no detail or timeline.

“It will be a vital piece of infrastructure and it’s something we’ll need particularly with the second Sydney airport going in and the development occurring in the southern part of Campbelltown.

“But how many times do you need to plan for it.”

Mr Warren plans to submit a notice of motion in parliament next week calling for details on how the $4.6 million had been spent; where and how the next bundle of funding would be spent; and when residents could expect construction on the road to begin.

Cr Brticevic also asked for the construction on the project to begin sooner rather than later.

“How much planning can we do?,” he said.

“Let’s get the thing moving.

“It would cheaper to build now than what it would be to build in three years.

“I don’t see the problem with budgeting for planning and construction at the same time.”

An Infrastructure NSW report in 2012 said the M9 would not be built by 2032.

‘‘The construction of the Outer Western Sydney Orbital has also been assessed as falling outside the 20-year time horizon of the strategy,’’ the report said.

‘‘At present appropriate connectivity is provided by the M7, which can be widened as traffic grows. Infrastructure NSW believes it is essential to preserve the corridor for this motorway in the near term, before development encroaches on the optimal route.’’

Mr Warren said he also plans to ask the state government to pressure on the federal government to provide the rest of the money for the Appin Road upgrades.

A total of $50 million was promised by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull before last year’s federal election however only $5 million had been released by the federal government in the 2017/2018 budget.