Centuries of long lives celebrated

Four women who have enjoyed a century of life gathered for a celebration in Camden last Monday.

Ruth Cornhill and Winifred Evans, who will both turn 100 in December, were joined by Phyllis Stuart, 101, and May Dobbs who turns 103 next week.

Camden Meals on Wheels invited 20 Macarthur centenarians to join them for the special lunch but only these women could attend.

Ms Cornhill said it was a pleasure to share the day with fellow centenarians: “I’m fortunate to be as able as I am. If I can help any of the other ladies here I will.”

Ms Evans, who lives at Carrington Care in Camden, remembers growing up in north Sydney before the Harbour Bridge was built.

“I am quite content at Carrington,” she said.

“I can’t praise it enough.

“When I could see well I could watch the planes taking off at the airport from my window.”

She wished her fellow centenarians well. 

“I wish them good health and to enjoy every day as it comes,” she said.

Phyllis Stuart said she had enjoyed living in Camden for the past 67 years. 

Donna Gray spoke to the Advertiser on behalf of her grandmother Ms Dobbs.

“She moved to Camden in 1973 and now lives at Camden Nursing Home,” she said.

“She loves social outings, she really wanted to be here today.”

Camden Meals on Wheels community program coordinator Robyn Hartley said the event was a chance to recognise the achievements of centenarians.

“It’s an honour to be in a room with people who have had 100 years of life,” she said.

“How often do people get to talk to people like that?”