OPINION | Camden heritage worth saving

Dunno about you, but my favourite bit of Camden is along the hilltop between historic St John’s Church and Macarthur Park, up toward Camden Hospital.

Such a pretty tree-lined streetscape, full of old-world charm. I’ve often stood at that green paddock next to the church, with its views across the valley, and thought, “Wow, how has this survived without someone trying to make a dollar out of it by flogging it off to some developer?”.

Sure enough, locals are up in arms as online rumours swirl about moves by the church to sell the land, potentially opening a door to a housing complex, perhaps medium density.

Really? Right next to Camden’s most famous heritage landmark, an 1840s gem described by one government website as “a major edifice in the history of Australian architecture”.

As huge new housing estates and shopping centres turn Narellan and Oran Park into the busy new centre of modernisation, many of us suspect historic Camden township’s best future lies in a lack of modernisation.

To be an old-fashioned country town, surrounded by its rural flood plain, a time capsule that people from across Sydney want to visit.

Many of us doubt that means huge modern developments at the entrance to the town, or modern housing developments squeezed in between the historic church and old rectory building.

Tread carefully, Camden.