POLICE NEWS | Off-duty officers assaulted at Minto soccer match

An indoor soccer match between two men’s teams turned violent in Minto last night when three players were left with serious injuries.

Two off-duty police officers and a third man were allegedly assaulted during the match at Minto Sporting Compex after 8.30pm.

One team was comprised of four police officers and two civilians while the other was all civilian.

Halfway through the second half the police team scored a goal and one of the opposing team members allegedly assaulted a member of the police team.

This caused a melee leaving one officer suffering a suspected broken jaw and head injuries, another officer suffering a suspected broken jaw and a third man suffering a suspected fractured elbow.

All three men were taken to Liverpool Hospital for treatment.

All members of the non-police team left the complex prior to the arrival of on-duty officers.

An investigation is under way.