Calls to create a health precinct in Wilton Junction

Wollondilly MP Jai Rowell has called on planners to factor in a dedicated health precinct in the Wilton Junction development.

Mr Rowell wants such a precinct to house a large variety of medical services providing Wollondilly’s rapidly growing population with easy access to specialist treatments.

Mr Rowell said the precinct needed to be reserved before the rezoning of the Wilton Junction development was finalised.

“There has been a consistent effort to get doctors into the region and we are starting to see new practices open,” he said.

“Funding has been given to upgrade and expand Campbelltown and Bowral hospitals but more allied health services are needed closer to Wollondilly.

“The health precinct will mean Wollondilly residents won’t have to go to Campbelltown or Liverpool or further afield to access specialised services.”

Mr Rowell said the precinct would include doctors and dentist surgeries as well as allied health services.

These services can include pharmacies, physiotherapy, podiatry, osteopath, dietitians, counselling, occupational therapy, speech pathology and more.

“I will be working with the ministry and the Wollondilly Health Alliance to work out exactly what services are needed in the precinct,” Mr Rowell said.

He said the precinct would be similar to Park Central in Campbelltown which provides a range of medical services including mental health units and addiction recovery units.

Wollondilly mayor Judith Hannan recongised the shire did not have the population to warrant another hospital at this time but believes a health precinct should be reserved now.

“We need services like a day surgery in Wollondilly so residents don’t have to travel so far when they are ill,” she said.

“We need a place were all the services are linked. I would like to see doctors, pediatricians, optometrists, ophthalmologists and more in the area so we can have a healthy community.

“This health precinct will serve the needs of the community in the immediate future but I would like to see a hospital built as the population increases.”