Stunning lights illuminate Macarthur Heights

Last week, the grounds of Macarthur Heights glowed red and blue at the unveiling of a spectacular new light sculpture.

The Gates of Light sculpture, created by artist Khaled Sabsabi, is an intellectual artwork, designed with astronomy in mind.

Head of Retail Transition at UrbanGrowth, the body responsible for both the commission of the sculpture and the development of housing estate Macarthur Heights, Robert Sullivan said the artwork perfectly captures the essence of the new community and complements the adjacent University of Western Sydney Campbelltown campus.

‘‘It’s more than a piece of artwork, it’s engaging and full of knowledge and wonder,’’ Mr Sullivan said.

‘‘It is a beautiful piece.’’

Gates of Light is set below the observatories of UWS, and is greatly inspired by celestial bodies.

In daytime the arches, or ‘gates’, catch sunlight and diffuse the rays to produce a stunning light show, but it is at nighttime the artwork really lights up, shining red and blue in a homage to the Polar Lights.

The gates themselves feature laser-cut motifs of various constellations, representing a stellar map of the night sky, a useful tool for Macarthur stargazers.

Each gate points to major constellations, best viewed at the ‘star-watching hour’ — 9.30pm in winter and 10.30pm in summer.

The artwork is also encrypted with a QR code, allowing anyone to scan the code and learn more about the sculpture itself and the astronomical bodies it represents.