Council site raises red flag

THE Oran Park developers have shrugged off suggestions they will receive favourable treatment in exchange for the free land given to Camden Council for its new headquarters.

Greenfields Development Corporation gave Camden Council one hectare of land to house the new administration building — a $2.5 million gift that the councillors formally accepted at last week's council meeting.

It was a close decision. Five councillors voted for the Oran Park site and four voted to build in Narellan.

Greenfield Development Corporation director Mark Perich said it was common for developers to donate land to councils and that having the council in the Oran Park town centre would be a huge benefit.

In order to remove suspicion of corruption, council officers who work on the new administration building will not be permitted to deal with development applications submitted by Greenfields Development Corporation.

But the council's decision has raised a red flag for the Narellan Chamber of Commerce. President Stephen Grabowski said the councillors had made the wrong decision.

"Camden Council's location choice for its new headquarters is a slap in the face for Narellan and doesn't pass the commonsense test," Mr Grabowski said. "Narellan is the logical location for the council's headquarters. It is the economic heart of the region; it's where people come to work, shop and socialise. But now they will be dragged to Oran Park when they interact with local government."