Mystic event for mental health

Mystic event for mental health

FIVE psychics have predicted residents will have a good time and raise money for local mental health recovery at Ingleburn RSL Club next Friday.

The Mystic Five event — featuring readings and connections with five psychics and hosted by Captain Pat McGeown of C91.3 radio station — will raise money for local mental health awareness group Beautiful Minds.

The group will use the money to create two recovery gardens at Campbelltown Hospital's adult mental health unit, Waratah House.

Beautiful Minds president Sandra McDonald said the gardens would help speed up recovery by improving surroundings of patients but would cost about $100,000 to complete.

"It's quite barren and bare there and it really needs a whole makeover to bring it into the 20th century," she said. "Over 1100 people stay in that facility every year and it's 100 per cent full 365 days a year."

She said last year's Mystic Five event had been lots of fun and encouraged locals to support a worthy cause again this year.

"The psychics choose somebody in the audience who's obviously sending messages to them in some way, or they recognise somebody in need, and then they start to tell them about their lives and things that have happened and things that will happen," Ms McDonald said.

"Even if you're not chosen, you can relate to what's happening with others."

Mr McGeown said he chose to support Beautiful Minds because all the money from the charity went directly to the cause.

"I visited Waratah House and I was particularly taken aback with what I saw," he said.

"It just looked sad and gloomy and the gardens are rundown.

"I sort of see Beautiful Minds as a wave of love that comes crashing into a place and they fix everything up and think about the people."

The Mystic Five event is 7.30pm to 10.30pm on May 11. Tickets: $25.

Details: 9765 7700.