Reader of the Week: David Ould

DAVID OULD is the minister at Glenquarie Anglican Church and was recently a guest host on Channel 10 show, The Project.

David Ould    Reader

David Ould Reader

Sum yourself up: I'm an Englishman now living in Australia. I'm married to Jacqui who comes from Singapore and we have three children. I'm an ordained Anglican minister and I'm also the chairman of the local charity Break the Cycle.

What does it do? Break the Cycle Glenquarie exists to empower sustainable life choices and communities. The best thing about it for me is seeing people's lives change as they realise they can make better decisions.

What's your favourite thing about the Campbelltown area? The genuine openness and lack of pretence of the people around here.

If you were mayor for a day what would be the first thing you'd do? Try not to let the power go to my head! What I'd really like to do is shake up our welfare system so people are encouraged and rewarded for making good choices but also aren't made to feel so bad for needing help.

If you could have dinner with any three people who would they be? Jesus (let's face it, how good would that be). Martin Luther (he kicked off the Reformation and was also known to be a great dinner conversationalist). Also Adolf Hitler. Strange choice, I know, but I'd love to try to understand a little bit more about what made someone do such evil things. We often need to understand evil much better in order to know how to deal with it.

One thing you can't live without and why? The forgiveness everyone can have.

Earliest memory. Playing a game with my brothers where we tried to find out how far you can balance a chair off the top of a flight of stairs. I won. And fractured my arm.


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