Chooky Wooky

Jeff de Pasquale
Jeff de Pasquale

A blind chicken, a pool, 3½ hours of CPR and a hairdryer. It sounds like a joke, but for one Macquarie Fields family, it was a very serious afternoon.

Fourteen-year-old Rayna Rapo's blind pet chicken Chooky Wooky was blown into the backyard pool on a hot, windy day on October 4.

"We saw her bald head flopping in the water, she was dead for sure," her mother Roberta said.

"But Rayna (pictured) wouldn't believe it.

"We plucked her out of the water.

"She wouldn't let us stop trying to revive her. I pumped her chest and blew air down her beak.

"We had a blowdryer on her coat to warm her up and my husband was heating up towels in the dryer."

Chooky Wooky came back to life 3½ hours later.

"She hopped up, did a poo, I thought 'you show off' and then she even laid an egg," Mrs Rapo said. "Rayna has high-functioning autism and she is just not ready to let her go. It feels like a miracle.

"We were all crying."

Visitors who were at their house initially thought the family was crazy, but Mrs Rapo took great delight in the egg-cellent result.


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