Clinton Mead, 29, Campbelltown's new mayor

Ready to rule: Mayor Clinton Mead in his first week on the job. Picture: Jeff De Pasquale
Ready to rule: Mayor Clinton Mead in his first week on the job. Picture: Jeff De Pasquale

FIRST-TERM councillor Clinton Mead has been elected Campbelltown's new mayor thanks to a deal with Liberal councillors.

William Graham Mayor of Campbelltown 1889-1890

William Graham Mayor of Campbelltown 1889-1890

At 29, Cr Mead has become the second-youngest mayor ever elected in Campbelltown.

A Liberal Democrat who went to Hurlstone Agricultural High School, Cr Mead won the ballot 8-7 with the backing of the Liberal bloc and some independent allies last week.

Under the deal it is understood he will vote for a Liberal mayor in 2015.

"I'd like to thank the people of Campbelltown — it's going to be an honour and privilege to serve them," Cr Mead said.

"And I'd like to thank my family, friends, partner and colleagues in the chamber for all their support this past year.

"I'll do my best to serve the chamber and the people of Campbelltown for the rest of the term."

Independent councillor Paul Lake was named deputy mayor.

The new duo edged out independent councillors Fred Borg and Darcey Lound, who were backed by the council's Labor minority for the roles of mayor and deputy mayor.

Cr Mead was widely tipped to become the mayor as the result of a factional deal arranged last year.

That same deal saw Sue Dobson installed as mayor in 2012 and will likely see Cr Lake return to the top job in 2014.

Fellow councillors from both sides of the chamber were quick to congratulate Cr Mead on his speedy ascendancy to the city's top job.

Liberal councillor George Greiss said Cr Mead might have only been on the council for 12 months but he had already impressed with his loyalty.

"You are happy to say what you think and not just go along with popular opinion," Cr Greiss said.

"You're certainly the only person who's willing to think outside the square."

Councillor Paul Lake, who was mayor for the 2010-11 term, said he would be pleased to work with Cr Mead for the next 12 months.

Labor's Cr Anoulack Chanthivong said: "Democracy is a great thing".

New mayor Mead young, but not our youngest

William Graham holds the title as our youngest ever mayor, elected in 1889 aged just 27.

The Graham family was very prominent in early local life as farmers, publicans and shopkeepers and the young mayor's father, William senior, was also a member of the first Campbelltown Council elected in 1882.

Some old-timers today can still remember mayor Graham's nephew, Jim Kershler, who served as our mayor during the dire days of the Great Depression in the 1930s. — Jeff McGill

See next week's Advertiser for an in-depth interview with our new mayor.