Silverdale author to release second book

What do Celtic Gods, ancient horses, swords and a 1000-year-old dragon have in common?

They are the inspirations of Silverdale author Kathrine Leannan.

Fans of Ms Leannan’s Katana Series can get their hands on the second book, Redemption from Amazon in print or e-book this week.

The book follows Connor MacDonald who is born of the Celts and is chosen by the Gods. She seeks a future and a new beginning but the Gods have other ideas.

Redemption’s plot follows on from the first book, Warrior Born.

“I have always loved writing,” Ms Lennan said. 

“I have a PhD in academic writing but I have always been interested in horses and swords and the idea of Warrior Born came to me and the book has been enormously popular.”

There are four books expected in the Katana series and Ms Leannan said she had started writing the third instalment.

The well-known author is also looking forward to releasing the first book, To Baile do Cailleach, in her new Sydney Witches series in about two months.

The book’s main character Adrianna Randall is a witch of pure ancient blood and not popular with her sisters of the Sydney Witches Coven.

Ms Lennan said while Adrianna was blessed with the blood of hanged witch Elizabeth Randall, she was healer to all beasts and restorer to Mother Earth; there is just one problem – she has an affinity with fire and she has no idea how to control it.

The Sydney Witches series will also have four books and Ms Leannan has started three.

“I always loved witches and I started writing the story for a 5000 word short story competition and I kept on writing,” she said.

“I write every day from 5am until I go to work. Nothing makes me happier than to write. I have studied so much because it means I can write more.”

Ms Leannan said her belief in the power of the universe gave her inspiration to write.

“I believe our life is predetermined before we are born and that when we die we start a new life,” she said. “I believe the feeling of deja vu is when we redo something we have done before,” she said.

“I consider myself guided by the universe. I believe there are dark creatures out there and I believe in being kind to the earth and animals.”

Ms Leannan also has a 1000 year old dragon muse called Mimi.

“I was driving one day when I suddenly felt something touch me around my neck,” she said. “I nearly ran off the road and in that moment Mimi became a part of me.”

Ms Leannan described Mimi as a huge, monstrous dragon with green, shiny scales. She said Mimi was irritable, bossy and beautiful.

“She wakes me up in the middle of the night to tell me about plot holes or that I am not writing fast enough,” she said.

“Mimi is a huge part of my writing and she loathes anything academic and she is particularly interested in my story about witches because she finds them amusing.”

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