‘Life saving equipment’ faulty

Vital: A patient undergoes a CT scan. Picture: Nic Walker

Vital: A patient undergoes a CT scan. Picture: Nic Walker

Broken or faulty equipment is forcing patients in need of urgent scans to be shipped off from Campbelltown Hospital to neighbouring hospitals, Campbelltown MP Greg Warren (Labor) said.

However, there is relief in sight with Campbelltown Hospital general manager Alison Derrett confirming a replacement CT scanner “has been purchased and will be installed next month”.

When informed of the news, Mr Warren said he “welcomed the outcome” but was unhappy the issue had taken so long to be solved.

Mr Warren said it was revealed a few months ago that CT scanners and MRI machines had been faulty and that “paramedics were advised to take patients to other hospitals because scanners were inoperable”.

“It became apparent some months ago and after further investigations and concerns were raised, I pursued the matter,” he said.

Mr Warren asked Health Minister Jillian Skinner several questions in parliament regarding the machines but he was unhappy with those responses.

The questions included how many CT scanning machines were at the hospital, how many were operational, when were they installed, are there plans to replace the machines, and if so, when.

Ms Skinner’s response read: “There is one CT scanning machine in the medical imaging department at Campbelltown Hospital.”

Mr Warren also said he received multiple reports from patients and health professionals about the scanners and he wasn’t raising his concerns as an excuse to put the boot into the Liberal government.

“This is just a local member doing their job,” he said.

“I discussed this with the opposition health (spokesman Walt Secord) and we wrote to the Health Minister but have still received no response.

“If the machines break down the need to be rectified straight away.

“If it continues to break down we need to explore other options because this is a machine that saves lives.”

Ms Derrett said it was common practice for patients to be transferred to other facilities or for appointments to be re-booked “during times of temporary outages”.

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