EDUCATION WEEK: Creative kids at Little Learning School

Kids enjoying creative activities at Little Learning School. Picture: Jeff de Pasquale
Kids enjoying creative activities at Little Learning School. Picture: Jeff de Pasquale

They may be small, but the artistic endeavours of Little Learning School’s children are mighty.

The Ambarvale early learning centre offers a number of creative curriculums for it’s students, including music, drama, art, yoga and cooking.

‘‘The music and drama curriculum offers children opportunities for creative expression,’’ Little Learning School educational leader Rachel Waldon said.

‘‘The provision of props and recycled materials allow children to develop their resourcefulness and ingenuity and enhance their play experiences.’’

The art classes at Little Learning School are especially hands-on and well-developed, and include different media like paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures.

Ms Warden said: ‘‘the children are inspired by various artworks, and focus on different artists each week.

‘‘Reflection on the artist’s work includes exploring brush strokes, patterns and colours, and discussing the emotional response each artwork invokes before children are given the opportunity to create their own artworks.

All of Little Learning School’s curriculum’s are created around various child development theories suggesting hands-on participation and involvement enhances learning ability.

Children are even encouraged to bring in items from home that can be reworked into creative arts projects.

‘‘This teaches the cycle of bringing in something that would typically be considered rubbish but is now returned home as a piece of artwork or a project,’’ Ms Warden said.

‘‘Children are encouraged to share their artworks with their families and visitors to the centre, and with their peers — this promotes a sense of pride and respect amongst the children, and a sense of belonging within the classroom.’’


Little Learning School is holding a free creative arts open day on Sunday, July 26 from 10am-1pm, with a barbecue, kindy farm, face-painting and a movie ticket giveaway.

To book an individual centre inspection, call 1300 255 555 and the first 20 enrolments will receive a creative arts pack.