Wedderburn resident calls for new bridge

WEDDERBURN'S Paul Dumont wants to know why he might need to give Campbelltown Council more money when he's still waiting for a bridge it promised to build nearly three decades ago.

He is frustrated councillors are asking for more money when they haven't replaced the causeway in Wedderburn Gorge with a more reliable bridge.

The council will this month apply to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal for an 11 per cent rate rise from July.

The council said it would rebuild after it demolished the Wedderburn bridge built about 1892 because of safety concerns in 1986.

The "temporary" causeway which replaced it is flood prone and has raised serious safety concerns among residents, who fear they could be stuck in the event of a fire or medical emergency.

"The causeway they put in is only one pipe high, so it floods pretty easily unless it's a drought — and you can't get out and you can't get in," Mr Dumont said.

"By not honouring their promises to the Wedderburn residents, our very lives are being put at risk by fire and flooding.

Since Lysaghts Road and Blackburn Road weren't accessible to traffic, residents had been left with no alternative road.

"We're still down to one road, and if it rains we're down to none.

"The council doesn't care about us and they won't do anything about it until someone dies."

Mayor Clinton Mead said he had spoken with Mr Dumont and would look into the matter.

"He makes a good point in that it is a fire risk issue," Cr Mead said.

"Why we need this rate rise isn't because we don't have enough money, it's because we haven't had the right focus."

He agreed many didn't want to pay more when infrastructure and services weren't up to scratch.

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