Airds kung fu centre goes with flow

AN AIRDS martial arts centre invites the community to discover more about the oriental sport of kung fu on November 26.

If you are intrigued about the mysteries of kung fu, you will be enlightened by how it could be beneficial by attending a "party night" which the Chow Wing Kune Do (CWKD) Kung Fu Academy will host from 7pm.

The centre's manager Mandy Briggs described martial arts, often perceived as a fighting sport, to "actually be a lifestyle" nowadays. She encouraged people to attend the "party night" to see what the academy had to offer.

"There will be children's martial arts demonstrations, kung fu demonstrations and video clips, nibblies and drinks and a surprise event," Briggs said.

"We welcome the community to join us and get an insight into martial arts and how it can benefit the community.

"The training in CWKD kung fu gives you the backbone to managing your life in a positive and stimulating way.

"It is designed to give a high degree of discipline by teaching the various methods of mental and physical conditioning which are designed to develop the reflexes, muscle tone and stamina of all parts of the body and mind."

The academy specialises in wing chun and chow ga disciplines, but also incorporates taekwondo, kickboxing, grappling, boxing and pankration in its teachings.

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