Couple's dreams evaporate if gas drilling starts near Campbelltown 

WHEN Col and Joy Corcoran moved to the Scenic Hills 11 years ago it was to enjoy their retirement away from the hustle and bustle of the city and suburbs.

Now they say they're living in limbo over AGL's proposed expansion of the Camden Gas Project, not knowing if their backyard could soon sit atop a gas field.

"We came here to retire and be left in peace and now this will come and destroy it," Mrs Corcoran said.

"We could have lived anywhere but we chose to live here.

"It's going to devalue our property because who would want to live in a gas field?"

‘‘We want to do renovations but don’t know if we should now.

‘‘All the peace and quiet will be gone, it will completely change the hills.’’

The pair were even less impressed by AGL’s admission it hadn’t ruled out the use of the

controversial fracking method if the plans were approved.

‘‘The health of people in Queensland is deteriorating because of the methane leaks at

the coal seam gas wells up there.

‘‘If they frack here, who knows where the methane’s going to go?

‘‘There’s a lot of bush around and with methane what happens if there’s a fire, do we all blow up?

''And the water and salts and the cocktail of chemicals they use, they’ve got to dispose of that somewhere and we’re on tank water.

‘‘There’s no guarantee when they frack that all the methane is going to go up through the pipe they want it to go up, it could come up from the ground anywhere.''

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